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News and Entertainment in a Snap

With emerging media, things tend to change in an instant. That seems to be the case with Snapchat, the messaging app best know for delivering images that self-destruct in ten seconds. The app has often been associated with sexting, although a recent study has indicated its most common use to send humorous content and selfies among friends.

snapchatThis week Snapchat introduced Discover as a new way to distribute news and entertainment content. Big brands have jumped on board such as National Geographic, ESPN, and People Magazine. These brands now have a new way to reach an audience of millennials with nuggets of content formatted specifically for mobile viewing.

By reducing themselves to fun-size candy bars, mainstream brands have the opportunity to attract new followers through Snapchat. This latest evolution illustrates how traditional media outlets are adapting and blending with emerging media.


2 comments on “News and Entertainment in a Snap

  1. kkprice
    February 2, 2015

    Snapchat is definitely leaving a mark… I’m still not quite sure of its benefits. Do you think it will reach the stratosphere of Twitter and Facebook or is it just a passing interest among the Millennial crowd?


  2. David
    February 2, 2015

    Also an interesting exercise to define metrics of success up front. Does create a way for snapchat to monetize views over time, though.


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