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Are Your Tweets Optimized?

optimizedtweetJust last month Google signed a deal gaining access to Twitter’s stream of 6,000 tweets per minute. This means that tweets will be searchable by Google as soon as they are published. Previously Google had to proactively pull tweets from Twitter in a process that was tedious and not at all timely.

With the addition of tweets in search results, there are a few things marketers should keep in mind. Since tweets will be showing up more often in organic searches, they should be treated like ads or landing pages that include a call to action. Marketers should also realize that what they tweet must remain appropriate long after it was originally published. Those items at the bottom of the timeline could show up at the top of search results. Also, search terms and social terms should be integrated to contain the same key phrases. Google’s change will be taking effect in the first half of this year.

Will your tweets be in shape?


One comment on “Are Your Tweets Optimized?

  1. Robert Williams
    March 10, 2015

    Great. More advertising and marketing cluttering up my search results


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